Founded in partnership

L2 was founded on the belief that to be successful, a firm has to continually innovate. We bring together over 30 years of domain expertise across venture capital, private equity, and public markets to uncover unique opportunities.

White Room


Challenged based thinking

Incorporation of diverse perspectives and application of second order thinking to generate more holistic hypotheses and range of possible outcomes

Intellectual Curiosity

Humility, underpinned by the relentless thirst for knowledge and innovation


Consistent and uncompromising adherence to the highest ethical standards for ourselves, our partners and stakeholders


Fundamental Investing

Institutionally rigorous and process driven approach focused on superior risk adjusted outcomes

Structured Solutions

Total financing solution optimized for funding needs and stakeholder alignment

Portfolio Design

Emphasis on downside protection.  We take a holistic approach in portfolio structuring taking into account both qualitative and quantitative inputs to construct a portfolio that can perform over economic cycles


A thought-partner across strategy, operations, and capital markets

Image by Olia Gozha